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PETA are now trying to veganize the names of towns


PETA are now trying to veganize the names of towns

Nothing seems to stop PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) from turning the world vegan, one town at a time.

Now PETA have their eyes set on Tasmania, Australia, where there is one location in the Huon Valley called ‘Eggs and Bacon Bay’ that they want to rename ‘Apple and Cherry Bay’. But how will the locals feel about this?

The health of the local Tazzy people isn’t the best, especially in the cholesterol department. So maybe putting more of a focus on fruit isn’t such a bad thing. Also, the Huon Valley is actually famous for its cherry and apple orchards, so the change of name would seem quite fitting.

Tasmania has some of the best and most unspoiled areas of natural beauty in Australia, other names of beaches include Wineglass Bay and Beer Barrel Beach

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