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Animal rights campaigns: October week 3

Have a glance and see the week’s round up of actions we can take to help fight for the unspoken. We have shared links for the murdered fox cubs, the captive chimpanzees and the unhappy animals being forced to perform for human entertainment.

Prosecute South Herefordshire Hunt for throwing live Foxcubs to packs of hungry dogs


Fox cubs were thrown alive to hunting hounds at kennels in Herefordshire.

Secret footage has been released which appears to show live fox cubs being delivered to the kennels of the South Herefordshire Hunt before being thrown to the pack of fox hounds. The lifeless body of a cub is then seen to be dumped into a wheelie bin, before another is taken to meet the same fate.

To sign the petition and read more please click here

Smoking chimp is a hit at renovated zoo in North Korea


A chimpanzee who smokes has become an instant hit at a zoo in North Korea.

19-year-old Azalea reportedly gets through about a pack a day – but officials insist she does not inhale.

A chimp shouldn’t be in the zoo in the first place, let alone being fed a man made drug just to entertain ‘gawkers’! – VEGGIE RATED

Read full article here

Take action for wild animals in circuses!


We’re faced with a Government in Westminster that made a promise in their manifesto to deliver a ban on wild animals in circuses. We need to make sure they keep their promise.

Read full article and take action here!

If you have any thoughts or are aware of other animal rights campaigns, please write in the comments below.

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