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Tesco Have Just Brought Out Two New Vegan Cheeses

vegan cheeses


Tesco Have Just Brought Out Two New Vegan Cheeses

Yes you heard it correctly, Tesco have just brought out TWO MORE vegan cheeses for us to try this winter.

OK, so vegans still don’t have as much cheese variety as dairy consumers do, but we have to admit…it’s getting way better. It was only a couple of years ago (we are talking the Before Gary days here) that vegans were limited to eating some very ‘off’ tasting soy-based cheese. Now we have cheese that melts, after dinner cheese, coconut based cheese, even flippin’ halloumi. To top it all off, Tesco have just brought out two more cheeses to devour this winter.

Bute Islands Logo

Image: Bute Island Facbook

Bute Island are the guys behind the wizardry and sorcery of Tesco cheeses. They are the masters behind Sheese and they even created that amazing Jalapeno cheese you can buy in Tesco at the moment – an absolute fave for Vegan Food UK members. So what have they got in stall for us now? Remember that all these cheeses are gluten free.

 Peppercorn Cheese


Rainbow Peppercorn Cheese

Rainbow Peppercorn Cheese

Goats Cheese

vegan goats cheese

vegan goats cheese

We want to know what you really think of these cheeses: are they good, bad, bit too cheesy? Let us know in Comments below.


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