Morrissey plays a video of a slaughterhouse whilst singing his famous Smiths song ‘Meat is Murder’ at a concert in Manchester at the weekend, and it actually had the reaction he’d hoped for.

While some of his fans were put off by the famous singer interrupting the show with such a hard-hitting message, others have vowed to never eat meat again.

Some of the Tweets that circulated after and during the performance said this:

After seeing Morrissey’s Meat Is Murder gruesome montage last night I’m not going to eat meat again.”

Another fan said that he will “also become vegetarian after watching the footage played alongside ‘Meat Is Murder’.”

And a 17 year old Tweeted this: “I was on the verge of becoming a vegetarian anyway but the video just reinforced my opinion. It showed how badly animals are being treated so if you are a vegetarian you don’t contribute to that.

At the same gig, Morrissey also banned all consumption of meat which some fans loved and some fans did not like at all.

Whatever you think of Morrissey, how ever much you might love or hate him, the stunt that he pulled on that stage at the weekend has opened a few people’s eyes and probably saved a few animals.

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