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Mushroom & Walnut Pate

Mushroom & Walnut Pate
Mushroom & Walnut Pate

4 Ingredient Mushroom & Walnut Pate

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June 10, 2018

Sometimes you just want to make something that's quick & easy, but also more on the decadent side. This mushroom & walnut pate does just that. With just 4 ingredients it's simple, cheap and tastes wonderful.


1/2 cup Walnuts

1 Medium Onion

2 1/2 cup Mushrooms

1 tbsp Chopped Fresh Parsley

1 tbsp Oil for frying

Salt & Pepper to taste

Optional extras: a teaspoon of minced garlic when cooking mushrooms; 1 tbsp of nutritional yeast when blending walnuts


1Break the walnuts up a bit and toast them on a dry pan, stirring vigorously until they are a darker brown colour.

2Remove walnuts from pan and put to one side. Add the chopped onions to the pan with half the oil and gently fry until they are soft.

3Remove the onions from the pan and put to one side. Then add the remaining oil (if necessary) and fry the mushrooms but only until they start to change colour and release water (we want to fry not cook the mushrooms).

4Add the walnuts to the food processor and blend until they reach a crumb-like texture. Now add the rest of the ingredients and blend until you have a nice paste consistency.

5Spoon the pate into a bowl and let it cool in the refrigerator. Once it is chilled, serve the pate on crunchy toast or crackers garnished with fresh parsley.

Mushroom & Walnut Pate


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