Definitely the theme of the week in the mainstream news media is ‘vegan parenting’.  One can only assume this is due to the story that rippled across the globe about a baby who was completely malnourished as a result of his/her parents being vegan – well that’s how the papers reported it.  The truth of the matter was that the baby was missing some vital vitamins and minerals that every newborn needs to survive, and whether you are vegan or a meat-eater, everyone should make sure that their children get the essentials.

baby-84686_1920So all week the media have been asking Can Vegans Ever Be Good Parents? and vegans around the world have been reassuring worried friends and family that it is totally safe to bring up a vegan child, in fact it’s very healthy indeed. The Guardian even did a fantastic article talking to successful vegan parents entitled Meet the Parents Raising Vegan Babies , which was rammed full of testimonials about normal  people practicing safe vegan parenting.

To put the final point across on the issue, raising a child as a vegan can be one of the best bits of parenting you could ever do.  A balanced plant-based diet including all the vitamins and minerals that the body needs is incredible for the body.  In fact, because you are only eating plants, you are giving your child access to many nutrients that he or she might not have had if they weren’t on the vegan path.

If you ever needed a vegan role model who is fit, healthy and successful then Deni Kirkova could be your gal.  We recently had the good fortune of interviewing her shortly after the Miss Galaxy Universe competition in which she won the Best Beach Body title.  Deni set the mark straight by training hard in a short amount of time on a strict plant-based diet, despite her personal trainer thinking it was a bad idea.  She ate things like tofu and peanut butter and got more than enough protein and energy to see her through the competition and finally held the winning trophy in the air.

woman-629172__180It seems like more and more famous people and celebrities are becoming vegan.  Every week you hear of another person in the spotlight becoming vegan.  Fair enough, they all seem to do it for health reasons initially, but with many people the compassion for animals comes later.  Either way, people going vegan is a good thing!

One celebrity who has left everyone puzzled in recent times is Ellen.  Is she vegan?  Was she vegan?  Who knows?  Some newspapers over on the far side of the planet in New Zealand have reported that she eats fish.  But what is really bizarre is that she allegedly said that she ate fish in retaliation to Hollywood producers not making a Finding Nemo 2.  This just seems cruel and a somewhat unnecessary statement especially as Finding Nemo is famous for highlighting some of the atrocities that are happening to the world’s oceans today.

Celebrities that we do like to hear about are ones like the vegan dog in the South of England who is almost on his 17th birthday, which according to the Dog’s Years Calculator makes him 81.  The truly astounding thing about this dog is that he has never been ill.  So it would seem that if you love your dog and you don’t want to rack up thousands of pounds in vet bills then you should take a leaf out of his owner’s book and feed it to your dog.

So as the vegan wave is gathering force before it breaks and washes over the whole planet, we are always pleased to hear of political leaders who are putting ‘going plant-based’ at the forefront of their plans.  In particular, in Italy, where the Mayor of Turin is making people go vegetarian or vegan a “priority” in her administration.  She obviously understands the impact meat production is having on the world and knows that if we don’t make the changes quick, then it could be too late for our children.  Plus, how great would it be to visit Turin on holiday and everywhere has vegan options?

Going vegan is becoming a priority to the future of the planet and everyone in it, let alone saving as many animals’ lives as possible.  A new study that was published in America last week is saying that 8.1 million people will be saved by 2050 if they simply switched to a vegan, plant-based diet.  The report also claims that climate change will slow down dramatically and we might see a brighter future for us, our children and our children’s children.

The future of the planet and every earthling in it is always the underlying theme of every news story.  This is why we have to set the record straight about vegan parenting.  We might not be able to convert our parents or their parents to veganism for the good of the planet, because let’s face it, it’s bloody difficult to get them to change their eating habits.  But we can bring up our children in a way that they understand that every thing we do has an effect, including the choice of food that we eat.  If we ate local, mostly organic, ethical and 100% plant based then we might have a chance.



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