World vegan day sweet treats
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10 exciting vegan treats to try on World Vegan Day

World Vegan Day is on 1 November and if you aren’t already vegan then why not give it a go? Listed below are 10 of our favourite plant-based sweet treats to tempt you over to the green side of life.

1. Costa Sticky Toffee Pecan Cookie

I think we have established that vegans have a sweet tooth, just as much as anyone else. And when Costa Coffee brought out the cookie to beat all cookies, it was Christmas come early to all the plant eaters out there. It’s soft and gooey – what more can you ask for for? £1.85

World vegan day sweet treats2. Wicked Kitchen Cakes at Tesco

Continuing the sweet theme, Wicked Kitchen recently brought out two stunning cakes at Tesco for just £4.50: the Red Velvet Brownie & the Charred Pineapple Dream Cake.

World vegan day sweet treats

3. Rhythm 108 Hazelnut Praline

In the vegan world we used to feel a bit left out with a succinct lack of decent chocolate some years ago, but that has all changed in 2018. This little chocolate hazelnut praline bar is absolutely delicious, you just can’t go wrong! Available at loads of shops including Sainsbury’s, it’s lower in sugar than other chocolate bars and it’s gluten-free. £1.65

World vegan day sweet treats

4. Vego Chocolate Spread

Who would have thought that a little jar of dairy-free chocolate spread would cause such a stir? The reason behind the commotion is that Vego do one of the best vegan milk hazelnut chocolate bars in the country, so this was always going to be a winner! Much to everyone’s surprise it was also CRUNCHY! £3.50 at The Vegan Kind

World vegan day sweet treats

5. Vegan Magnums

The ice cream that needs no introduction, it proves one thing: that ice cream does not have to be dairy to be enjoyable. Try one for yourself, they seem to be on offer a lot at Tesco due to the colder days. £3.89

World vegan day sweet treats

6. Biona Organic Maple Syrup Waffles

If you have ever been over to the Netherlands then you might have seen people putting stroopwaffles on top of their cups of coffee and then sit there whilst they literally melt with the hot steam. Well that’s exaclty what these do – sweet & incredible. Ocado £2.39

World vegan day sweet treats

7. Bournville Dark Chocolate & Orange Bar

Available at Iceland supermarket, it is one of those accidentally vegan products that have caused people to rush to the shops in anticipation, and if you dont like the orange flavour, the original Bourneville Dark Chocolate Bar is just as good! £1

World vegan day sweet treats

8. Booja Booja Chocolate Salted Caramel Ice Cream

Apart from the heavenly taste, what’s so exciting about this pot of dairy-free ice cream is that it’s just 5 ingredients, it’s organic and it’s British. Booja Booka ice cream really is perfection in a tub. Available at Ocado £5.99

World vegan day sweet treats9. Pret’s Salted Dark Chocolate & Almond Butter Cookie

Warm, soft, chocolatey, gooey, salty, chocolately, gooey, wait did we already say how gooey and chocolately it is? Launched earlier in the year, the Pret a Manger cookie has gone down a storm. In fact at one point they ran dry of ingredients as they were making so many. Tasting is believing. £1.45

World vegan day sweet treats

10. Biscoff Spread

We may have saved the best for last. Biscoff Spread is the love child of Lotus biscuits, in fact that’s exactly what it is: mushed up caramel biscuits. If there ever was a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow then Biscoff Spread would be what you eat to celebrate finding it. Commonly described as “crack for vegans” it can be used in cake baking or simply eaten out of the jar, just keep an eye on those blood sugar levels. Sainsbury’s £2

World vegan day sweet treats



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