Vegan Christmas Cake And 4 Other Plant Based Festive Treats Launch At Tesco

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Lots of awesome festive vegan treats have launched in Tesco…

The ‘C’ word is getting out more and more as of recent. And with is now being October, things in the supermarkets are quickly becoming more and more festive.

But what sweet treats are available this year for us in Tesco? Read on for ideas.

Tesco Finest Free From Honeycomb Dome
  1. Honeycomb Dome

Belgian dark chocolate dome with shortbread pieces, honeycomb pieces, finished with a gold shimmer and Belgian dark chocolate drizzle.

This is 460g and costs £6, which we think is really reasonable and it looks delicious! What an awesome festive dessert to have if you’re more of a chocolate lover than a Christmas pudding lover.

Tesco Finest Tiffin Selection Box

2. Tiffin Selection Box

A selection of chocolate tiffin, cranberry & orange tiffin and rocky road, labelled vegan and we must say they all look so so tasty!

These cost £4.50.

Iced Christmas Cake

3. Wicked Kitchen Iced Christmas Cake

Fruit cake made with sultanas, raisins, glacé cherries and candied citrus peels, topped with white icing and marzipan.

Another great Wicked Kitchen option, this costs £5 for 400g so perfect to share with friends or relatives at Christmas time.

Wicked Kitchen Spiced Rum Christmas Pudding

4. Wicked Kitchen Spiced Rum Christmas Pudding

Christmas pudding made with vine fruits, spiced rum and glacé cherries.

These cost £1.50 and weigh 100g. Do you have your Christmas pudding with custard or cream though?

Plant Chef Mince Pies

5. Plant Chef Mince Pies 

Shortcrust pastry cases filled with vegan friendly mincemeat filling.

£1.20 for 6? We call that a bargain! Not sure if they’ll be as good as the Greggs freshly baked mince pies but still a great option to have, or just to have in the cupboard in case someone pops around for a cuppa around the festive months.

What are your favourite releases so far this year? This time of year is so exciting as there are so many vegan releases from so many brands, we love to see it!


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