vegan foods that sent uk crazy in spring

5 Vegan Food Products That Sent the UK Crazy During Spring

Spring of 2018 has been an amazing time for vegans in the UK, food manufacturers have been stepping up their v-game to bring out some of the best foods we have ever seen. Consequently 5 of those products have caused some serious uproar and madness. Here they are:

1. No Bull Burgers (£2 Iceland)

These juicy burgers have been in our lives for over a month now and have literally changed the way that people view vegan food in the UK. How can anyone ever say that vegans eat grass & twigs again? 

vegan products that have sent the UK mad

2. Vegan Katsu Curry at Wagamama (£10.70)

Also known as the Vegatsu curry, it has been the most eagerly anticipated meal on any menu at a chain restaurant, ever! But why though? Well sometime in 2017 Wagamama’s released a vegan menu and vegans in the UK were hoping it would be on it, but sadly it wasn’t. So the Noodle Lab, London, (a trialling restaurant for new Wagamama dishes) got to work and made the Vegatsu. We believe from the time they made the curry, until it rolled out across the UK was about 7-8 months – that’s a lot of time, hence the anticipation.

vegan foods that sent the UK mad


3. Vegan Steaks at Tesco (£2.99)

Amidst all the chaos of the No Bull burgers doing their rounds and getting suprisingly good reviews, all of a sudden it was announced that Tesco were to launch a 100% plant based steak that was so real you wouldn’t know the difference. Made by Vivera, the steaks are getting mixed reviews amongst vegans, but this surely is another fantastic product aimed at people wishing to cut down their meat intake. Go Tesco!

vegan foods that sent uk crazy in spring


4. Tesco Free-From Margherita Pizza (£3.50)

In the battle of “who has the best vegan products” Tesco seem to win every time. It may be because they don’t just release one awesome vegan product for long periods at a time; they launch a vegan steak and then a week later BAM! we have ourselves a pretty decent & affordable cheese pizza. Made on sourdough bread with plenty of vegan cheese.

vegan foods that send uk mad



5. Heinz No Added Sugar Beans (not vegan)

The prize for the biggest uproar over a product goes to: “a non-vegan product”. As crazy as it seems these beans are now NOT safe for vegans! But they’re baked beans right? WTF is in baked beans that isn’t vegan? To put it simply, only Heinz know. They have just decatagorised the beans recently from vegan to vegetarian. To make matters worse, this move has meant that one of the few vegan options at pub chain Wetherspoons (Jacket Potato & Beans) is now off the menu for vegans. Good news is the orginal Heinz beans are still OK for us plant eaters.

vegan foods that send uk mad

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