Aldi vegan ice cream

Aldi launches new vegan ice cream range

Aldi seem to be going from strength to strength with vegans this year and they have just brought out a dairy-free ice cream range to top it off.

Vegan ice cream has been the talk of the summer this year with Ben & Jerry’s bringing out their range of dairy-free ice creams to the UK. Well it’s almost winter now and we can be excited again as Aldi have just joined the vegan frozen dessert club.

 Aldi ice cream
New vegan Aldi ice cream

These delicious 240g tubs are dairy free, made with coconut cream and retail at just £1.99 in Aldi, which is staggering when Ben & Jerry’s vegan ice creams are priced at £5.50.

Price tag at Aldi
Price of a tub

The range comes in two flavours: plain coconut cream and chocolate, and they are even gluten free. If you have managed to bag a tub then let us know what you think of them in the Comments below.





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