Animal rights campaigns: November week 1

From cruel traps for foxes, to tourist attractions hassling dolphins when they are trying to relax after a busy night. This week we have a few petitions we would like to share. The Polar Bear has two dedicated to him, it’s a sad story and he needs our help!

Amazon: Stop selling cruel steel-jaw leg hold traps!


On, buying a coil-spring animal trap is as easy as clicking a button. But while it’s surprisingly simple to purchase these traps, what the sellers won’t tell you is how much pain and suffering these cruel traps inflict on animals.

Read full story and sign petition here!

Urgent! Puppy raped and tortured to death in Georgia! Demand Justice!


On July 15, 2016 a fact of brutal torture of a puppy was reported in Rustavi, Georgia. In the vicinity of School #22, in the yard of one of the residential buildings, 2 teens (their identities are known) brutally tortured a puppy.

Read full story and sign petition here!

Animal Controls must disclose their “kill rate” to anyone planning to turn in their pet


When many people are asked what happens to a pet turned into a shelter, their response usually is “they stay there until they get adopted.” When many people are asked to name their local shelter, many respond with the names of animal controls in their county. What most people in the general public don’t understand is their animal controls are run by local government and politicians and they account for over 2 million deaths annually due to overcrowding.

Read full story and sign petition here!

Protect Spinner Dolphins from Tourist Harassment


An industry has developed in Hawaii that takes tourists out to view and swim with spinner dolphins. In doing so, some of the tours are harassing these amazing animals, and encouraging their visitors to do so as well.

Read full story and sign petition here!

Close Guangzhou Grandview Aquarium


These animals are kept in small spaces and are not in the right climate for their lives, and they deserve to live in the wild.

Read full story and sign petition here!

Pressure increases on “World’s Saddest Zoo” after Animals Asia report


Petition requesting closure is launched as Grandview Aquarium makes international headlines and is beset by bad publicity after official opening.

Read full story and sign petition here!

Put a VEGAN meal on every school, college, university, hospital and prison menu.


Over 5% of the population is vegan and growing. A vegan diet is healthier, it conserves resources and protects the planet, above all it’s cruelty free.

Read full story and sign petition here!


If you have any more animal rights campaigns or petitions for people to sign then please leave them in the comments section below.

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