Animal rights campaigns: November week 2

Who in their right mind could even entertain the idea of putting an animal into a piece of plastic to slowly die just to sell as a piece of key fob decoration? This is infuriating and needs as many signatures as possible. Other petitions this week are based on hunting. On a more positive note, one petition is encouraging schools to teach students about the environmental effects of what we eat.

Ban the Sale of Cruel ‘Live Animal’ Keychains


On the streets of China, live animals such as turtles and lizards are sealed in plastic bags filled with coloured liquid and sold as keychains and mobile phone charms.

Read full story and sign petition here!

To teach UK pupils how food choices impact the environment


No other single activity has a bigger impact on the planet than the raising of livestock for meat, milk and eggs.

Read full story and sign petition here!

Sign to stop game birds from being tortured alive in the UK!


Not only are they bred to be shot and eaten, but game birds in the UK are often being kept in conditions that would be illegal for chickens.

Read full story and sign petition here!

Shut down the domestic ivory market in the UK.


The Conservatives pledged to shut down the UK’s domestic ivory market in their manifesto for the past two elections.

Read full story and sign petition here!

Ask the Simpsons’ Writers to Make Lisa Simpson go Vegan!


Lisa Simpson has been vegetarian for many years and now she should go vegan!

Read full story and sign petition here!

If you have any animal petitions that you would like to Share then please leave them in the comments below.

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