Animal rights campaigns: October week 4

This week, we have a few dog  petitions. Poor things are having a terrble time out in the South Korean Dog Meat Festival and the mainstream fashion brand ‘Michael Kors’ seems to be using dog skin as material for its handbags. Please check out the other petitions too.

Tell Scottish Government to Ban Fox Snares!


Cruel snare traps are still legal in Scotland, even though 76 percent of Scottish people want a ban. The crude, old-fashioned traps kill and torture animals in a brutal and terrifying manner. Animals are so desperate to escape the traps that some have resorted to chewing off their own limbs.

Read full story and sign petition here.

Do you really want to kill all these animals just so your make up can be “fleek”


The goal for this petition is to completely ban animal testing in any shape or form and help promote companies that do not use animal testing.

Read full story and sign petition here.

Stop Boknal, the South Korean dog meat festival


In one month, over 1,000,000 cats and dogs will be tortured to death.

Read full story and sign petition here.

Broome must end its sister relationship with Taiji


In 2009, Ric O’Barry visited Broome in Australia to lobby the council to suspend its sister relationship with Taiji, Japan over the dolphin drives hunts. Following a special screening of the film, ‘The Cove’, the Broome Shire Council agreed. Just two months later, the council reversed its decision. Choosing to capitulate to its large, local, Japanese community, Broome retracted its pledge and issued a full apology to Taiji town.

Read full story and sign petition here.

Save Lily: Roadside zoo must surrender its animals to reputable sanctuaries.


Deer Haven’s featured attraction is a young Asian black bear named Lily who’s confined to a tiny, barren cage with nothing to do and no way to escape the heat and humidity.

Read full story and sign petition here.

If you have any animal petitions that you would like to Share then please leave them in the comments below.

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