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Anxietea: the ultimate, calming, vegan tea

We love herbal tea at Vegan Food UK, so we were delighted when a new tea company sent us their fresh bags to try.

Anxietea (, as the name suggests, is a company that makes up dedicated anxiety-relief and ultra calming teas. Everything in their teas is designed to make you feel better and of course they are vegan friendly.

The first thing we noticed when opening the parcel was the aroma, the strong smells of lavender and chamomile are wonderful. For anyone who is into aromatherapy, these little bags would even have such great effect should you just leave them at random points around your home.

All the teabags are hand filled and tied, which adds a certain ‘cottage industry’ feel to the product, and you can feel the love and care that’s gone into it. A bit like going to see a herbal healer and she makes you up a tea bag based on your own personal situation.

Trying to relax ourselves so much that we can notice any subtle changes in our being, the Original Blend of Anxietea we thought was perfect for mid-afternoon: with a slight caffeine content from the green tea, it relaxes but doesn’t send you to sleep. The flavours are very floral, yet not too over powering.



We then noticed that the parcel contained a Morning Reviver Blend. So to offer a balanced review, we tried this the next morning. It had all the same calming effects of the Original Blend but with citrus flavours – a fantastic natural, relaxing buzz (oxymoron we know, but you will know what we mean when you try the tea).

The Decaf version uses nettle instead of green tea, which is wonderful with no caffeine whatsoever, great for a bedtime beverage (gone are the days of hot chocolate). We don’t know if it was end-of-the-day-fatigue, but we have to say, we had a great night’s sleep.

We really recommend this product, for three main reasons: 1) they taste great, 2) they have and are designed for that calming effect, 3) they’ll make a blend just for you – that’s a customised calming cuppa.

If you wish to purchase Anxietea, please visit their site

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