Applewood vegan cheese is a game changer and melts well

REVIEW: the new vegan cheese that could be a game changer!

In review, we can tell you that this vegan cheese is possibly going to change the face of vegan cheese forever.

Applewood have announced that their new smoky vegan cheese will be available to buy this year and melts incredibly well.

This will be the first vegan cheese that the 56 year old British company will be launching.

From the Applewood Cheese website

The original announcement was made on World Vegan Day and ever since vegans have been eagerly anticipating the launch.

Vegan Food UK member, Claire King, has sampled the cheese and given this review:

“It melted really well, better than any others I’ve tried and yes it was stringy! It was amazing.”

Claire King

“I couldn’t believe how good it was and I’m not even a fan of smoked cheese.”

Claire King

There have been rumours that the cheese will be available in Asda stores, but we will keep you updated when we find out for sure.

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