Are You Ready For The New Vegan Katsu Curry at Wagamama’s?

Wagamama’s new vegan menu is going down a storm across the UK, but we have all been waiting for the vegan Katsu Curry to arrive, and now it’s here.

Many of our favourite chain restaurants have been competing with each other over the last few months to get their newest vegan menu out. Wagamama released their vegan menu a few weeks ago but Waga fans were slightly disappointed to not see the Katsu curry on there. Now the wait seems to be almost over.

Tweet of vegan Katsu Curry

Chef’s at Noodle Lab have been experimenting with different vegan dishes and they seemed to have hit the jackpot with this vegan Katsu Curry aka the ‘Vegatsu’, made using seitan  (a vegan meat made from wheat gluten), which we are super happy about!

The bad news is that this dish is currently only available at the Dean Street branch in Soho, London. However, with enough hassle from Vegan Food UK members to ‘said’ chain restaurant, we might be able to put the pressure on and see this groovy dish come to your local Wagamama soon.

If you are lucky enough to try the new Vegatsu then we would love to hear your thoughts and opinions about it in comments below.

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