Tofurky range sandwiches

Are you ready for the Tofurky sandwich British takeover?

Tofurky have launched a new range of delicious protein-packed sandwiches for British consumers today.

From today you will start seeing Tofurky sandwiches appearing across the country in normal and health food stores.

It’s been a long old road for British vegans, but now there seems to be promise on the horizon: we finally have some decent pre-made sandwiches to eat on the go as a vegan meat company have just brought out four different flavours of sarnies.

Tofurky are famous for their vegan sliced meat and for their roasts that many British vegans buy for Christmas dinner. Vegan meats are admittedly not everyone’s cup of tea, but Tofurky is definitely one of the best.

Our favourites in order of tastiest first

A Chick'n' and Sweet Corn sandwich
Chick’n’ and Sweet Corn

The Chick’n’ and sweet corn sandwich is an all rounder. It’s a classic and not too overpowering on flavour. Even your Gran will enjoy this one.


A Chipotle chick'n' sandwich
Chipotle Chick’n’

The Chiptole Chick’n’ one of the best out of the four flavours on offer: spicy, creamy and quite a bit of the Tofurky chick’n’ to keep you satisfied.

Ham style salad sandwich
Ham Style Salad

The Ham Style Salad was still a fantastic sandwich. Why? Because the salad part tastes really fresh. It’s another one of those sandwiches that doesn’t look like the real thing, but it tastes quite similar and would satisfy an omnivore…probably.

Tempeh Lettuce & Tomato sandwich
Tempeh Lettuce & Tomato

The Tempeh Lettuce & Tomato was the least favourite out of the four in our opinion. The tempeh didn’t have that bacon texture or taste and didn’t combine with the rest of the sandwich as well. Having said this, if someone put it in front of us without telling us what it was then we would have enjoyed it more – the tempeh is nice and chunky after all.

You can buy lots of the Tofurky meats (but not the sandwiches) here

Have you tried any of these sandwiches yet? What were your thoughts? Are they worth buying? Has your Gran tried them and liked them? Leave some comments


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