Are you ready for Vegfest London this weekend?

Vegfest are holding one of their largest UK events this weekend in London on October 21st and 22nd.

The organisers of the festival are expecting up to 15,000 people passing through the doors of the stadium at Olympia.

There will be up to 300 stalls over the weekend selling cruelty-free food, clothes, merchandise, cosmetics and much more.

Highlights this year will also include talks from Eyvanna Lynch (Harry Potter actor), James Aspey, Patrik Babaoumian and Fat Gay Vegan.

Eyvanna Lynch photo
Harry Potter actor

Why should you go?

If you have not been to a vegan festival before or a Vegfest then you will be in for a surprise. The first thing that you will notice is the sheer amount of vegans there actually are in one place; thousands of excited vegans under one roof is a spectacle in itself.

Something that many vegan food lovers like about Vegfest is going from stall to stall sampling all of the yummy treats on offer: from raw chocolate to the newest vegan cheese. You will not be disappointed.

This year there will also be vegan cookery demos, comedy, talks about veganism and the environment. Full programme of the festival can be viewed here

Tickets for the festival cost £12 for adults and £8 concessions and you can buy them here 

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