hector bellerin uses vegan diet to heal

Arsenal footballer uses vegan diet to heal himself

Arsenal defender, Hector Bellerin, credits vegan diet for feeling great and recovering from injuries so rapidly.

hector bellerin uses vegan diet to heal
Hector Bellerin Instagram

Bellerin has been playing right-back at Arsenal since 2011, but only in the last six months has he been vegan.

The 23 year old started the plant-based diet at the start of this football season as a way of detoxing his body but decided to stick with it as it “felt so great”.

Bellerin explains that the problems he faces in his body following the games are inflammation and the speed in which it recovers.

The Spanish player missed most games between November and December last year due to injury, but since going vegan he has played the full 90 minutes in every game he has been selected for this season.

His ankles in particular used to get inflamed and stiff but now the Arsenal footballer says that he doesn’t even have to strap them to play anymore.

Is he Gunner be vegan for life?

“Going from the old diet to the new one, it did take a few days to feel better. But after the third week I was waking up with so much energy. I used to be that person who would snooze that alarm like five times before getting out of bed.”

One would assume that there may be some deeper ethics to Bellerin’s vegan diet, as he said that he believes that “It doesn’t just make a difference in your body, but I strongly believe that what we’re doing to the earth, we get paid back”

hector bellerin uses vegan diet to heal himself
Bellerin meets with fellow vegan Lewis Hamilton

Bellerin can be seen on his Instagram taking time out to chat to friend and fellow vegan Lewis Hamilton who also credits going plant-based in helping him become a better athlete.

His team mates jibe Bellerin about not eating meat, but he says that he has it all worked out and knows that vegans don’t just eat salads.

“As an athlete you have to be very technical with what you eat, your intakes have to be on point every day. When you think of protein you think chicken, you think steak, but actually there are so many things like legumes and dried nuts – all these things actually have so much protein!”




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