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Introducing Vegan Food UK’s Vegan Warriors!

We are very excited to announce that Vegan Food UK have teamed up with one of the largest and most active vegan charities, Animal Aid, to bring about some serious vegan food change in the UK. Animal Aid are responsible for all the new vegan labelling you see in supermarkets, and are part of the change happening in hospitals, prisons, etc.

Our Latest Campaign

Papa John’s is one of the last remaining nationwide pizza places not to offer vegan cheese on their pizzas. Now vegans across the country are joining us in putting pressure on Papa John’s to provide plant-based cheese pizzas.

Please help us by signing the petition below and be a part of the huge change that is happening in the country at the moment.

To keep up to date and join discussions regarding the latest petition, head to our Facebook Group. In here we have set up an event showcasing our latest petitions. Join the event to be notified!

Vegan Food UK Group

Vegan Food UK Event (Must be a group member to join the event)

Extra actions you can take

Email Template – send to: [email protected]

Dear Papa Johns.

As someone who avoids dairy, I am some what disappointed that [COMPANY] is one of very few pizza companies to not offer a vegan cheese alternative.

With the huge rise is the number of people adopting a vegan diet, or reducing the number of animal product that they consume, surely it is time for you to get on board and offer a vegan cheese alternative.

Most of your competitors do already, and have seen huge increases in sales – so there really is no downside.

Please will you consider offering a vegan cheese alternative?

Yours sincerely,


  1. Hey @PapaJohnsUK pizza without cheese just isn’t the same. Please will you add a vegan cheese option?
  2. Most pizza companies already offer vegan cheese, yet @PapaJohnsUK is one of very few who don’t 🙁 – please will you add vegan cheese to your menu?


  1. @PapaJohnsUK is perhaps one of the only main pizza chains in the UK to not offer dairy-free/vegan cheese. Please will you add vegan cheese?
  2. Pizza without cheese just isn’t the same; please will you consider adding vegan cheese to your menu?

Animal Aid

Animal Aid is one of the world’s longest established animal rights groups, having been founded in 1977. They campaign peacefully against all forms of animal abuse and promote cruelty-free living.

One of their huge achievements with regards to food to date are having Sainsbury’s, Asda, Tesco, Aldi, Morrisons, Iceland and Waitrose committed to labelling their own-brand vegan products due to Animal Aid’s #MarkitVegan campaign.

Go to their website to find out more about Animal Aid’s incredible achievements and work.