What Are The Best Vegan, Gluten Free Brownie Mixes You Can Buy in The UK?

Who loves brownies? Pretty much everyone right? But not everyone has the time to make delicious cakes for the family, so we thought we would taste test two of the best easy vegan brownie mixes in the UK.

It’s not uncommon to scan through social media and all of a sudden BAM! there’s a photo of some delicious looking vegan cake or slice. And you think “damn, where do people get the time to bake?”. There’s the searching for the recipe; shopping for the ingredients; weighing it all out; and of course the baking.

Thankfully vegans now have the option of using easy cake mixes as well, we often see Betty Crocker chocolate cake appearing in the Vegan Food UK community and some supermarkets also have easy cake mixes that can be veganized. But we believe these two easy brownie mixes to be the only ones currently on the market that are also Gluten Free.

So let’s mix, bake and taste. We are using the Vegan Food UK Taste Panel to help us score these mixes on How Easy They are to Make and Bake; and How They Taste.

Free & Easy Chocolate Brownie Mix

Easy to Bake? 

Kim “These Free and Easy brownies were much easier to make compared to the others; very simple and quick. 7/10”

Linda “No struggle whatsoever, even my kids got involved and they turned out great! 6/10”

Liam “Very easy to make, probably the easiest as no chia soaking to be done. 8/10”

Janine “If you are an amateur at baking then you will find these brownies a doddle to make. So easy, anyone can do it. 8/10”

Average Score 7/10

Do they taste good?

Kim “I prefered the chia ones, but only marginally. These still tasted incredible, its just the others were more chocolatey and rich. 7/10”

Linda “To be honest, I am the toughest person to crack with cake mixes, I am never keen because of the sort of sandy consistency they have. But these were surprisingly good and all were eaten in our house. 6/10”

Liam “By far my favourite tasting of the two. I don’t know if it’s because I managed to get it crispy on the top and extremely gooey in the middle, but they were just excellent. Our neighbours aren’t vegan and they loved them too, they want the recipe haha. 9/10″

Janine “Try and find one of the best brownie recipes you can muster and they still might not compare to these. I LOVED them, what a treat! 8/10”

Average Score 7.5/10

Creative Nature Brownie Mix

Easy to Bake?

Kim “Instructions were easy to follow but the dough was hard to mix together. I noticed the 100g of melted dark chocolate tip and that made a huge difference. 8/10”

Linda “The batter was very stiff, hard to mix but straight forward. I had an internal fight with using so much spread as I don’t use that in baking at all. 6/10”

Liam “Easy instructions. Although, the recipe asks that you soak some chia seeds beforehand. We always have chia in the house but maybe some people wont? 6/10”

Janine “I found the process very easy. They recommend (in small print) that you can use melted dark chocolate to mix into it, which I did and was pleased I did so. This means there is also one extra bowl to lick at the end. 7/10”

Average Score 7/10

Is the taste good?

Kim “I liked these chia ones the best! Better flavour, more chocolatey. 7/10”

Linda “These were my favourite, nice, rich and moist. 7/10”

Liam “I would say that although these brownies were still tasty and moist, the others were richer. We substituted the vegetable oil for coconut oil and added dark chocolate to both recipes. They are both amazing brownies, although I would say that these are slightly grittier. 8/10”

Janine “My second favourite out of the two, but love the chia seed addition to it. Chia helps loads with baking. Still these are chocolatey and gooey, so all is good! 7/10”

Average Score 7/10

Pre Made Brownie

We just thought that we would throw in a ready made vegan brownie (also gluten free) to the mix, to see if any of our Taste Panel preferred it to the bake-your-own. Only one of our team did, everyone else would choose the home baked ones over the ones below.

Linda “I really really really liked these brownies, they were my favourite overall. They tasted more like and didn’t have that sandy consistency that you can sometimes get with cake mixes. 10/10”

Janine “I LOVE these ready made brownies. Perfect for if you need brownies in a hurry, which, you know, sometimes I do. The packaging is the best out of all 3 too, very fun! 8/10”

Chocolate Brownie Conclusion

Our overall winner on Taste and Easiness to Bake was the Free & Easy Brownie mix, but only by a pinch. Both of the brownie mixes are incredible and wont disappoint you, your friends or family. But if you really cant be arsed to bake at all then the Angelic Brownie squares just involve opening packet, shoving into one’s mouth and leaving only chocolatey crumbs behind.

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