Best Vegan Travel Destinations of 2019

If you love to travel, but you’re also vegan, you probably already know how difficult it can be with few places in the world that can accommodate for your needs.

Below is a list of some of the places that every keen vegan traveller must visit this year.

Destination Europe

Europe is a magnet for travellers from all over the world, and for vegans, it is quickly becoming the perfect destination for those who want to eat healthy and meat-free as well as doing their bit for the environment and animal compassion.

You may wonder which the best city in Europe for vegans is and the answer is just about all of them.


Image of Hamburg

Regularly hailed as the centre of the vegan revolution, should be at the top of the list for vegans. With a reputation for being forward-thinking and ahead of the times when it comes to meat and dairy-free options, Germany continues to be a vegan world-leader.

When you visit, look out for the vegan takes on German classics such as schnitzel and currywurst. This is typically made from soy or tofu and closely resembles the traditional dish making it a great vegan alternative way of sampling the local cuisine.


Image of Venice

Although it’s hard to imagine that a destination renowned for its creamy gelato, cheesy pizza and carbonara could be vegan, Italy is actually a very popular holiday spot well known in the vegan community for being highly accommodating for such dietary requests.

Classic Italian cuisine has been adapted to suit vegans such as an array of delicious vegetable pasta and pizza dishes that use dairy-free cheeses and creams that provide the same succulent tastes of Italy. The traditional side dishes such as bruschetta and antipasti also tend to already be
vegan-friendly and just as delicious as the mains.

London, UK

Aside from being in the grip of Brexit as many companies flee to safer European shores, the UK is home to some of the best cities for vegans as people still flock to the British Capital for their hit of some of the most succulent and cruelty-free cuisines around.

London has been crowned as one of the best Cities in the world to enjoy meat-free food. The London airports have a variety of vegan options such as sandwiches and even vegan wine.

When dining out in London, a great place to start is Saf on Old Street which offers an exclusive vegan cuisine as well as a fine-dining experience. The extensive vegan menu (that’s something you don’t hear very often) offers a variety of unique raw dishes and some of the best desserts in

If you are looking for a traditional English breakfast (vegan style), The Gallery offers a vegan take on the English classic without compromising flavour or tradition.

London is renowned for being a city of diversity and culture which is highlighted in its mix of cuisines from around the world. Many of it’s South Indian restaurants serve primarily vegetarian and vegan food which are vegetable and plant based.

If the current politics surrounding the UK make you hesitant to visit, then an immigration solicitors could tell you everything you need to know so you won’t be put off a trip to one of the most vegan-friendly places in Europe.

If you are visiting at the beginning of the month, be sure to stop by at the London Vegan Nights Festival for amazing vegan food, people, music and shopping. The plant-based party takes place every month and is well worth a visit.

Destination USA

Across the United States, there are increasing numbers of vegan restaurants as the vegan world of social media has taken over.

Image of The Statue of Liberty

Austin, Texas

Although it may be the last vegan holiday destination you may think of, Texas is full of fun and exciting vegan options for you to enjoy. In 2013, PETA actually named Austin the most vegan-friendly city in the entire nation. With around five vegan restaurants opening each year, today you can enjoy a taste of vegan America such as Guero’s Taco Bar and the famous Freeto Burrito at the Vegan Yacht. Enjoy such vegan cuisines along with
the city’s legendary music scene and unique culture making it the perfect vegan-holiday hangout.

New York

Not only is New York one of the most amazing, magical places in the whole world, it is an incredibly vegan-friendly city. From vegan restaurants to markets and vegan events, NYC has a lot to offer.

Just two hours from the hustle and bustle of the city, the Catskill Animal Sanctuary (CAS) has rescued over 4,000 animals since 2001 and is home to hundreds of animals that have all been rescued from cruelty and neglect. This is the perfect day trip when visiting NYC.

Destination Asia

Although it may come as a surprise, travelling in Asia is often far more delicious for vegans than it is in the UK. South-east Asia is one of the most vegan-friendly destinations in the whole world. Due to the predomination of a Buddhist culture, vegetarianism is widely practiced amongst many
Asian countries and continental dishes are predominantly made up of tofu, fresh vegetables and rice noodles making it a vegan paradise.


Being vegan in Thailand is easy. The concept of veganism or “jay” has been around for hundreds of years and is connected to Buddhist practices, so you won’t have and misunderstanding from the locals.

You can find a fresh fruit salad on every corner as well as an abundance of organic food markets. There is not a ‘vegan option’ on menus as traditional Thai dishes are mostly composed of vegetables and rice. Be sure to check if the dish has been cooked using chicken broth or fish sauce.

A world-favourite, freshly made green curry is easy to keep vegan as the mean and fish is replaced with tofu, potatoes and peanuts.

Bali, Indonesia

Bali is renowned for being one of the best vegan destinations in the world. The Bali Vegan Festival is an annual three day event held at Paradiso, Ubud, and is the celebration of animals, the environment and the Earth. Just next to Paradiso Ubud is the Down to Earth Café, Bali’s best trusted healthy restaurant and market. Here you can choose from a variety of tasty, yet healthy vegetarian and vegan dishes accompanied by a selection of cold-pressed juices.

South India

India is a very doable place to travel for vegans, and in some places it can seem like a plant-based Mecca! The southern part of the subcontinent is by far the most vegan friendly as they use coconut and oil instead of ghee (clarified dairy butter) in their cooking – but always ask to make sure!

Unless you are in Goa or parts of Kerala, you are stuck eating what the locals eat – and that’s a very good thing. Vegan isn’t really a word there, but if you ask for “pure vegetarian” then at least they will know you mean no meat. You still need to ask for no dairy though.

Eating locally can be very cheap. For breakfast try idly & sambar, which is steamed rice cakes with Indian gravy. And no lunch would be lunch without trying a vegetarian thali. Thalis are a variety of small Indian dishes on one plate with vegetables with rice. The good news is they are cheap and usually all-you-can-eat.

Destination The Rest of the World

The countries always worth visiting are the ones that have vegan food at the heart of their cuisine. That’s why travelling Central America should be high up on your list, because who doesn’t love Mexican food right?

Westernized cities, such as Torronto, Canda and Melbourne, Australia are also worth the visit and are constantly referred to as some of the most vegan-friendly places on the planet.

This vegan travel guide was written by Poppy Jones

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