Bournville Dark Chocolate Buttons

Bournville To Launch Giant Dark Chocolate Buttons

One of the UK’s favourite accidentally vegan chocolates will soon be coming in the form of giant chocolate buttons.

News of the Bournville chocolate buttons was posted into the Vegan Food UK Facebook group yesterday, claiming that they will be launched in March 2019.

While we are still awaiting confirmation from Cadbury that the buttons will be safe for vegans, we assume they will be as their other dark chocolates in the Bournville range are.

dark chocolate buttons

Bournville Chocolate has been produced by Cadbury for 100 years, although they still currently have no products that are labelled vegan. Having said this their hot chocolate, dark chocolate and dark chocolate & orange bars are considered ‘accidentally vegan’.

The new dark chocolate buttons are rumoured to be priced at £1.99. Please double check the ingredients before purchasing to be sure they contain no non-vegan ingredients. We will keep you posted with what shops will be stocking them as soon as we know.

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Did you know that Co-op doughnuts were crowned Best Accidentally Vegan Product of 2018?

Accidentally vegan products can display a ‘May Contain‘ warning on the label. Please be careful if you have allergens.

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