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Brighton is going RAW and Purezza is leading the way!

If you have not been to Purezza, the UK’s first all-vegan pizzerias, then you are MISSING OUT! They make cheesy vegan pizzas like you have never had before. But we aren’t here to talk about their amazing pizza menu, we are here for their brand spanking new RAW menu.

The Vegan Food UK Team were fortunate enough to recently be invited down to Purezza, in Brighton, to try out their new raw vegan menu, and what a treat it was. Far from a boring Italian restaurant, Purezza is modern, trendy and on the front-line for new and experimental vegan dishes.

We sat at our table and straight away were served the starters which consisted of an absolutely spell-binding vegan cheeseboard and spiced kale chips. This was the first point where we really had to remind ourselves that we were eating raw cheese. Each cheese variety was made out of cashews but with different ingredients and made in completely different ways: there was spicy, rich, sweet, tangy – every part of the palate was accounted for in the most satisfying way. We can assure anyone who makes their way to Brighton for unique vegan food that this cheeseboard will make the trip worth while. The kale chips were pretty good too.

After fighting over the last slither of cheese, we cleansed our mouths on the restaurant’s complimentary cucumber water and were swiftly served the mains. Laid in front of us was raw pizza, raw courgetti alfredo and raw lasagne. Now, it’s worth mentioning that in the past we have always been amazed when a restaurant has veganized a dish that you thought could never be veganized. The wizards at Purezza have not only veganized an entire menu but they have Raw-ified it also.


Courgetti pasta (spiralised courgettes for the late person) has been a trend for a few months now, but Purezza have really thought about the sauce and texture so that it stands out as a potential favourite for regulars who want a healthy meal, and we really enjoyed it

Purezza’s raw lasagna has enough prowess to be a signature dish for the restaurant. Whenever we have had vegan lasagnas before they have always used slices of courgettes to separate the layers of sauce in this authentic Italian dish. Uniquely, this vegan Brighton restaurant uses layers of squash to do the job and it’s a perfectly well rounded dish.

Who’s eaten raw pizza before? Come on, anyone? One person at the back there. It’s not something that you eat everyday anyway. Purezza really have set the bar with this dish and means that all the raw foodies out there can sit down and enjoy pizza with their friends. More secrets are involved with the raw pizza, the crust is nice in itself and holds the massive amounts of vegetable toppings very well. Raw pizzas could definitely be a trend and a thing of the future if they taste this good.

In a really traditional Italian way, when we thought we couldn’t handle another bite, the waiter brought round a dessert in a stylish mason jar. Of course it was a raw tiramisu. Not only did it look pretty but it tasted divine! The oompa loompas at Purezza have been in their laboratory making sure that a) the coffee was raw (which as you know coffee is always roasted, so to eat it raw means that you are getting it as if it came straight from the tree – and it’s STRONG) b) that the raw coffee taste balances with their homemade, sweet cashew cream. We have eaten desserts all over Brighton and this potentially is the best we have tasted.

There wasn’t one thing on Purezza’s new raw menu that we didn’t enjoy. You can literally taste every hour of preparation in each dish. It’s a gutsy thing for a restaurant to go raw when they have such stunning cooked food. But hats off to the veg-entrepreneurs, they know that raw food is becoming a big thing in the UK and no one can deny its health benefits. If you are a raw foodie or just want a new experience then go to Purezza and look for the green menu.

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