Brighton has just got it’s first ever Vegan Gaming Cafe

Have you ever been into a vegan cafe and thought “if only they had computer games, this would be the best vegan cafe in the world”? Now your dreams can come true: think vegan cafe meets Stranger Things.

Brighton has to be one of the most vegan friendly cities in the UK. There are so many lanes you can walk down in the city that contain fully vegan cafes or places where you actually see the vegan options in the window, displayed loud and proud. Now this lovable city has a new plant-based establishment: a vegan gaming cafe.

C:/ Side Quest is literally right on the sea front (Lower Promenade, Madeira Drive), you can even see the famous Brighton Pier from inside the cafe. We are definitely not saying the place is dingy, but they have spent no time in decorating it at all (think bare brick and plyboard). The urban look that resides, however, looks brilliant! No frills whatsoever. It’s really in keeping with that gritty/arty side of Brighton that all its residents know and love.

This vegan gaming cafe is open from 10am until 10pm and will tick boxes for you if you a) love computer games b) love geeky board games c) lived in the 80’s or 90’s. We love the old computer games and grew up in the 90’s, and with the fact that all food is vegan then this place is a winner.

The menu at C:/ Side Quest is about as basic as they come: burger & chips or nachos with all the trimmings. For some reason, we found the lack of options on the menu quite refreshing. Maybe because it rules out any indecisiveness or maybe because simplicity makes life, errr, well, simple.

The kitchen is run by the Cactus Kitchen Gals, and all burgers come with a glazed bun (extra comfort food level bonus points) and a soya patty – which has plenty of flavour in itself. There are also different options for burger toppings and sides. We went for vegan cheese, onion rings and BBQ sauce. The special on the board was a Crabby Pattie (or a jackfruit slider to all non Spongebob Squarepants fans). Main Meals start from around £7.50.

It’s not all hot food and burgers, you can also pop into this friendly, retro cafe for a wedge of vegan cake & coffee or have a beer/cocktail if it takes your fancy. We went for a soya latte and soft, chocolate chunk cookie – very nice indeed, unlike any vegan cookie we have ever had. Having said this, we cannot wait to return and work our way through some cocktails whilst dueling at Mario Kart.

At the back of the cafe, lining the wall, are some giant screens to play your favourite nostalgic or newer computer games. Then dotted around the place are some of the more retro arcade machines like Tekken and Pacman. You can play while you eat & drink, which means food goes everywhere as you either slam down the games controller in defeat or jump in the air for victory as you become the newest high scorer.

If the sound of this vegan cafe doesn’t float your boat, then why not try nearby Happy Maki (vegan sushi) or Purezza (the UK’s first plant-based Italian restaurant).

If you would like to review any awesome vegan places in your town or city then please contact us or send us your review at [email protected] and we may publish it.




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