Vegan sausages and beans in a tin at Co-op

Co-op supermarket to launch vegan sausages & beans in a tin

VBites and wholefoods giant, Suma, have joined forces to launch a canned vegan breakfast product into a mainstream supermarket.

From what we can tell, it may be a rebranded version of the baked beans & sausages that come in the green tin that you see being sold in wholefood shops already.

Either way, having more convenient vegan foods in the shops is a good thing. And we love having more foods that we can take to music festivals during the summer.

Inside the tin we can expect six mini Lincolnshire sausages (that’s herby sausages to you and I) with beans in a tomato sauce.

Heather Mills, founder of Vbites, told Plant Based News: “As a kid from a working-class family we loved sausage and beans but only had enough money to buy in a tin. One of my fantasies was to have vegan sausages and beans, and we at VBites and Suma are doing that now with our canned product. In addition, we have also created meatballs with bolognese sauce in a tin.”

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