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Are Deliciously Ella’s new Energy Balls worth the money?

Vegan Food UK recently taste tested the new Deliciously Ella Energy Balls to see if they are worth their money.

We really like that the Energy Balls are vegan, gluten free, made of only six ingredients and come in biodegradable packaging.

But let’s just get one thing straight before we carry on: just because a product is vegan and is in the free-from section of the shop, it doesn’t mean that the consumer should pay the earth for it. Unfortunately, the first thing that filled us with doubt about these balls of energy is that they retail between £1.50 (if you are lucky) and £1.99.

The price wouldn’t be so bad if the Energy Balls were as big as your head, or maybe the size of an apple? But alas, they weigh 40g which is only 5g heavier than a Nak’d Bar. And that’s what these balls are really, Nak’d Bars rolled into a ball. OK, they also have added spices which the Nak’d bars don’t usually have, so we will give Ella that one.

Enough of cost and weight! How do they taste? Deliciously Ella Energy Balls come in three flavours and we will briefly review each one below.

Hazelnut & Raisin

This is marketed as Ella Wooward‘s number one recipe on her blog, but to be honest with you we think the other Energy Balls tasted better. If you are a fan of cinnamon then this would be the flavour for you, as it was all we could taste. The hazelnut flavour that we love was well and truly masked.

Cashew & Ginger

Eating this one is a nice experience if you like ginger, which we do. Ginger really is the overpowering taste in this ball with a lovely mashed up cashew texture. But once again, you cannot taste the nut.

Cacao & Almond

This was by far our favourite flavour, but why? Ella Woodward really does have the right amount of chocolate flavour balanced with the subtle taste of almonds and almond butter. You can taste the nut. Really nice!

To finish the review Vegan Food UK wanted to see if these expensive, but rather delightful, little Energy Balls actually gave you, err, well, energy! So we noshed one on an empty stomach (our favourite, the Almond & Cacao) and went to a spin cycle class. The result? It worked! No stopping for fatigue or a meal, just one hour of pure energy.

Should you buy them?

In all honestly, we really don’t know how anyone can justify spending so much money on one mouthful of food. But there is no denying that they taste pretty good. Maybe treat yourself on payday!

What did you think of them? Are they worth the money? Please leave your answers in comments

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