Dundee to host its first ever vegan festival

Dundee is the next Scottish city to hold a vegan festival

At the end of 2015 PETA announced that 2016 will be the year of veganism, and it seems as though they were correct. Dundee, Scotland, will have their first ever vegan festival on 19th November at Chamber East.

The festival is organised by animal rights activists and vegan business owners who are very used to the vegan festival scene.

Dundee Vegan Festival will have rows of stalls selling delicious vegan food, cruelty-free clothes and cosmetics, and there will be animal welfare talks and workshops throughout the day.

With Milton Keynes and Isle of Wight also celebrating their first vegan festival this year, one can only assume that in the not-so-distant-future every major city in the UK will have some sort of annual vegan event.  And who is surprised as it was announced recently that ‘veganism is the UK’s fastest growing lifestyle movement’.

Read more about the event here

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