Exclusive interview with The Vegan Kid on being vegan, baking and life

Vegan Food UK first came across The Vegan Kid (AKA William Hibbitts) on the popular Facebook group Vegan Food UK.  His Dad, Mark, posted up pictures of his son’s vegan Peanut Butter Sponge Cake and the group went mad showering TVK with almost 400 Likes.

Since the first post, Mark continues to post up TVK’s creations and he is slowly becoming a star. So we thought we best catch up with the 12 year old vegan kid and find out what makes him tick.

Everyone on Facebook and your blog knows you as The Vegan Kid, how long have you been vegan for and who came up with the name?

I’ve been vegan since last December, and Dad and I came up with the name after rejecting several other ideas. Dad started the Facebook page for me and I help him run it.

What made you go vegan? 

My Mum has been vegan for years and my Dad went vegan half way through last year. They didn’t make us go vegan though, and after that my sister and I carried on eating meat and dairy for a while but we decided it was the right thing to do for the animals and for us, so we both made the choice before Christmas last year.

What part of vegan food and cooking do you like the most? 

Baking is what I love best, but I like cooking other things too. It’s fun, and I like to show people (especially my friends) that you can make great food without using animal products.

How long have you been baking/cooking for?

I’ve actually been cooking for several years, and I’ve always loved preparing food for others to eat and making ‘platters’ of food for Mum and Dad’s dinner. Mum and Dad say I was about 7 years old when I first showed a real interest in cooking.

Everyone in the social media world know’s you for those amazing cakes you bake, what’s your favourite recipe? 

My favourite recipe so far is my Peanut Butter Sponge Cake (recipe below)  with peanut buttercream filling. It is awesome and everyone loves it, except for my Sister who doesn’t like peanut butter!

What do your friends think about you being vegan? 

My friends don’t really say much about me being vegan, although they thought it was a bit strange at first. They like my baking and usually want to try all my food. My friends next door are always some of the first to try things and their Mum says she loves living next door to us because she always gets lovely cakes to eat.

Do you think being vegan is healthy for a young chap like yourself?

Yes I think so, as long as I eat a variety of things. I like junk food, but I also like fruit and veg, curries, cereals, bread, Mum’s soups, and I take a vegan vitamin and mineral supplement too (when I remember).

How do your parents feel about all this baking and fame on social media?

My parents love my baking, although Dad is worried that he’ll never get his six pack back and Mum is on a fitness regime too haha, so they try not to eat too much of it. They like the attention my cooking gets on social media and so do I.

Baking skills
Baking skills

You seemed to have become an overnight sensation, how do you like all the popularity?

I like it, and I hope to get a lot more Facebook followers. My recipes seem to be popular on the vegan pages which is nice, and I’m starting my YouTube channel very soon. I’ve watched famous YouTubers for years and would like to build a big following there myself too.

What would you like to be when you are older?

A Vegan Chef/Baker and YouTuber

Do you have any other hobbies or pastimes?

Yeah, I like trampolining, listening to music, gaming, gymnastics, climbing and playing with my friends.

Are there any plans to bring out a cookbook in the future?

Yes, it’s something we’ve talked about. I would love to do one but not until I have a lot more recipes ready. Maybe next year sometime?

Finally, that hair! How long have you been growing it for and who’s your inspiration?

I’ve been growing it now for about three years. It wasn’t really inspired by anyone, I was originally growing it to have dreadlocks because I thought they looked cool and wouldn’t need too much looking after as I can be quite lazy haha, but I ended up liking how it looked so never did dread it. I can’t believe how many people comment on it!

The Peanut Butter Cake
The Peanut Butter Cake


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You can follow The Vegan Kid by going to his website or Like his Facebook Page Instagram or Twitter


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