First ever vegan cinema advert airs today across the UK

Viva!’s hard hitting animal rights video will be shown at cinemas nationwide today and continuing for over a month.

Back in September Viva! launched a crowdfunding campaign to get a vegan advert in UK cinemas, their goal was to reach £100,000 to make it possible. One month later Viva! had smashed their goal with over 1400 people donating.

Viva! Twitter
Viva! Twitter

Starting on December 1st and showing throughout the Christmas period until January 4th, the advert follows the story of Hope the pig who was rescued from slaughter with her six piglets, contrasted against the lives of the unfortunate pigs who are not rescued. The conditions that animals have to live in on meat producing farms is far from satisfactory and Viva! do their best to expose this.

Giving Hope to Millions

Viva! has named the campaign Giving Hope to Millions and the aim of the advert is to get viewers to at least try going vegan with a link to helpful recipes to get them started. 

For more information on the advert and cinemas in which it will be shown, please head over to the Viva! site here 

If you are at the cinema this weekend and have seen the advert, we want to know in Comments: Where?

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