German government joins Italy with health warnings about vegan diet

Germany are the latest country to issue out health warnings to people about vegan diets based on a report.

Last month it was Italy who not only were advising against vegan diets but were also considering criminally convicting vegan parents.

The German government puts its main focus for the warnings on breast feeding mothers, children and teenagers for which they say it’s a bad idea for them to be vegan for lack of nutrients.

A statement from the government said “A purely plant-based diet makes it more difficult to give the body some of the important nutrients it needs”.

Vitamin B12 is a major concern in the report saying that it is almost impossible for vegans to get this vitamin without supplementation. They also go on to say that vitamin D, calcium, iron and zinc are also difficult to obtain through a plant-based diet.

Germany, Berlin in particular, still stands as one of the most vegan-friendliest places on the planet. PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) recently published videos of the vegan offerings from the city on their website

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