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Gingerbread Men from the Co-op: they are vegan but are they any good?

A quick review of another baked product that Co-op Supermarkets are selling: Gingerbread Men.

Co-op supermarkets have the ability to make vegans laugh or cry. They don’t have much in the way of savoury vegan food but they are good at satisfying our sweet tooth for a small cost.

Vegan Food UK and probably most vegans in the UK are thankful to Co-op for making their custard and jam doughnuts vegan friendly. It was in buying these doughnuts that we noticed that the Gingerbread Men are also vegan friendly.

So what do they taste like?

They are probably as you expect for ten gingerbread men costing just £1: very sweet and not very gingery. If you look at the back of the packet, you will see that it’s probably not such a good idea to eat too many of these as their sugar and fat content is very high. But we don’t eat gingerbread men to be healthy do we?

Just to note, we were very careful when putting these little men into our shopping basket, but we still managed to do something very un-vegan and decapitated one of the little guys. But whether you are eating a body part at a time or the whole thing, they are brilliant with a cup of tea.

To sum it up

You cant really go wrong in buying a small gingerbread army for a quid. They are sweet and not very flavoursome, but your kids will love them. However, we don’t think that the new gingerbread men will affect sales of the legendary Co-op doughnuts any time soon.

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