Goodfella's launch vegan pizza

New Goodfella’s Vegan Pizza Launched at Tesco

Can you believe it, it’s another cheesey pizza for vegans in the UK

new goodfella's vegan pizza at tesco
Image by Vegan Food UK member Joanie McLean

Goodfella’s have launched a new Stonebaked Spicy Salsa Pizza at Tesco with a “cheddar alternative” topping.

It was only last year that the New York/Italian pizza company brought out the UK’s first mainstream frozen vegan pizza, which was the Falafel & Hummus one.

At the time of the Falafel Pizza release there wasn’t much competition in the vegan pizza market, but now there are LOADS!

new goodfella's vegan pizza at tesco
Image by Vegan Food UK member Joanie McLean

What are people saying about the new pizza?

This is very good, I have tried it”

Why does so much food need to be spicy? Not everyone likes spicy food

I’m so excited for this”

“Hopefully it’s better than the falafel one, I was so disappointed with that”

The comments are a mixed bag. We understand that many vegans are fed up of getting lumbered with 1) falafel, and 2) spicy foods, which both of the Goodfella’s vegan pizzas include.

One thing you have to hand to the Goodfella’s gang is affordability. This new one is a decent sized frozen pizza for just £2.50. Currently available at Tesco, but will probably roll out to most mainstream supermarkets in months to come.

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Whilst you’re here, have you heard about the Pizza Hut new vegan menu?

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