Gordon Ramsay new bottomless vegan pizza

Gordon Ramsay opens restaurant in London serving vegan pizza

Gordon Ramsay’s new pizza restaurant opens in London and he has a vegan option.

Gordon Ramsay new bottomless vegan pizza
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So yes, you guessed it! All of that hype around “is Gordon Ramsay going vegan?” has been explained. He isn’t going vegan, he’s just got ‘A’ vegan option on the menu at his new pizza place in London called Street Pizza.

Everyone went a bit crazy recently when Ramsay tweeted that he was “Going to give the whole #vegan thing a try” accompanied with a photo of him sat next to a rather odd looking vegan pizza. Most vegans knew that Ramsay was of course not going vegan and he still remains one of the biggest public jibers of those who eat only plant-based foods.

So what about the f#cking pizza Ramsay?!!

Anyway, all that put aside, his new restaurant serves “bottomless” pizzas and there is a vegan option on the menu. The Charred Aubergine Pizza is made up of aubergine, wild garlic pesto, toasted pine nuts & tomato – no cheese!

The bottomless pizza is served by the slice and costs £15, but you can enjoy as much of it as you like. There are also a small selection of snacks on offer as accompaniments, which for vegans is salad, nuts or olives.

Gordon Ramsay said “If there is one thing I believe, it’s that pizza doesn’t need to be complicated. So let me introduce you to simple, delicious, bottomless pizza“.

Beers, wines, prosecco & cocktails can also be bought (although we aren’t sure how many are vegan-friendly), but there is nightly entertainment in the form of a group of female-only DJs.

The pizza restaurant can be found in London city, downstairs at his St Paul’s Bread Street Kitchen

Other recent news was that Made in Chelsea stars Lucy and Tiffany Watson are also planning to open up a vegan restaurant in London – good luck ladies!

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