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Happy Maki in Brighton is the UK’s first all-vegan sushi place

The UK’s first all-vegan sushi restaurant has opened in Brighton and we headed down there to try it out.

Have you ever eaten vegan sushi before? Skeptics out there might say “well sushi is fish rolls isn’t it, how can it be vegan?” Actually, sushi means flavoured rice, it’s just the Japanese chose to put fish in it as well.

Happy Maki is a lovely little place, it’s quite tucked out of the way in Brighton, but once you know where it is then the location is actually brilliant: right by the beach and pier, and other vegan restaurants such as VBites and Terre a’ Terre.

The owners of the restaurant have been touring the UK Vegfests (vegan festivals) for quite some time now but the new Brighton eatery only opened in January. The beauty of the place is that it’s not just good vegan food but there is a strong message underneath it all which is: we have good fish alternatives so stop fishing the world’s oceans, we have already caused irreversible damage as it is! – or something like that.

As you walk past you will notice that the look of the place is clean and minimal, but with splashes of colour and greenery. There’s a huge counter (where all mains are made fresh) in front where you
can make your choice of sushi roll : whether that be with just vegetables or the addition of mock meats such as ‘duck’ or ‘chicken’.

Taste Test

We chose the rainbow sushi and the hoisin duck. Both were incredible! You can tell that the owner, Anna, has been making sushi for some time as she managed to get the balance of all the raw ingredients perfect. The rolls aren’t served like standard sushi (like at Yo Sushi) where they are chopped into tiny pieces, but more like a burrito – Japanese style! The hoisin ‘duck’ roll was a favourite with the sweet sauce and chewy ‘duck’,
but the rainbow roll was an
equal delight on the tongue.

There is an impressive list of sides to go with the sushi, but the popcorn cauliflower really stood
out and was so good that we cant wait to go back
and eat it again. The restaurant is open until
9pm so could be a favourite amongst pub goers.


You pay £6 for a sushi roll at Happy Maki, which in our opinion is not a bad price as it’s quite a portion that you get served. The sides are a perfect sharer to have with a partner as well as a sushi roll.
All in all it’s a nice little place that serves up some amazing fresh food and actually feels quite healthy too. The concept really has that WOW factor and even when we were there two sets of different people came into the restaurant out of sheer curiosity: “vegan sushi? eh?” Happy Maki is another little gem in Brighton that you will love visiting and telling people about afterwards


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