A Vegan Cake Delivery Service

Buying a cake online for delivery seems like it could be quite a scary move to make, especially when you are ordering for a celebration such as a birthday or a wedding.

What if it doesn’t arrive on time? What if it arrives but is damaged? What if I don’t like the flavour? These are all the things that could essentially put someone off ordering online.

Vegan Food UK has decided to try this service to answer some of these questions.

Heavenly Cake Company offers a cake making (baking and icing) and delivery service to its customers. And guess what? It’s all vegan!

Delivery & Packaging

The delivery was prompt. I asked for the cake to be delivered on Thursday and it arrived at Midday on that day.
I opened it and the first thing I saw was a free sample package of a new shortbread biscuit to be launched soon… nice touch and it made me happy to know that I’m one of the first to try their new range. The next thing I noticed was the spare icing to be used if the cake was damaged.

I finally reached the cake. It was cold so the delivery service must have had a temperature controlled compartment or it remained cold from the bakery, either way, it felt lovely and fresh which installed excitement and trust for the company

The Cake

The cake was Lemon & Coconut flavour. It was decorated with an orange and brown ribbon around the sides and an orange star in the middle. It was well packaged with lots of padding so the cake was not damaged at all. No need for me to use the backup icing, however, it is great to know it is there.

I took a huge slice and it felt like a lovely firm sponge. It didn’t fall apart so it would be great to serve portions of at an event or party.

It tasted exactly like a decent wedding cake should: sweet, fragrant, moist and fresh. No complaints whatsoever!

Heavenly Cake Co. offer a range of cakes in all different flavours such as carrot, banana, double chocolate and many more.

Dietary Requirements

For people with specific allergies or dietary requirements, the website allows you to select your specific need i.e. nut free/sugar-free etc which is a fantastic option.

Would I shop here again?

Well after I did this taste test I was so impressed with the flavour/texture of the cake and all round service that I decided to order my four tier wedding cake from them. Check out this article to see how my wedding day went My Big Fat Vegan Wedding.

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