how vegans are taking over instagram

Vegans are dominating Instagram with supermarket food finds

Instagram has been hijacked by vegans using it as a tool to find vegan food in the supermarkets – and why not?

What was once a platform for celebrities to post selfies and gain huge amounts of Followers, is now a place to post the latest vegan food finds in the UK.

Instagram has 1 billion active users per month, but now vegans in the UK are using the platform to help make their vegan food journeys easier.

Vegan Food UK is one of the largest of these vegan food finding pages with over 40,000 Followers.

Follow Vegan Food UK on Instagram to use this incredible free tool

Pages like Vegan Food UK use Posts to display all the latest vegan foods to hit our shelves. But they also use the Stories feature to categorise each product by the supermarket in which it was found.

What are ‘vegan supermarket finds’?

The job of finding vegan food in the supermarkets has gone from difficult to easy within just the last 3 years.

Almost all of the major supermarkets are now committed to vegan labelling and hundreds of new vegan products are being launched each year.

But the days of persistent label checking are far from over, thanks to the thousands of ‘accidentally vegan’ foods that are waiting to be discovered in the UK.

Accidentally vegan foods are products that cannot be labelled vegan but still are by definition. Allergens are usually the reason why they cannot get vegan certification.

Vegan Food UK Instagram Page

5 Amazing Instagram Facts

  1. The most Instagrammed food is pizza
  2. Selina Gomez is the most followed person on Instagram with over 138 million followers
  3. There are over 290 million selfies on Instagram, making them the top uploaded type of photo
  4. On an average day, 80 million photos are Shared on Instagram with over 3.5 billion Likes.
  5. 100 million accounts upload a Story on a daily basis

How to get more Followers on Insta

If you have just started a vegan Instagram page then what you will be looking for is Followers. The best way to get Followers is to use relevant hashtags on your posts so that other users can see your posts outside of your personal page.

Our favourite hashtags: #Veganfoodporn #vegans #veganfooduk #veganuk #AccidentallyVeganUK

Another way is getting pages who have a large following to give you a mention. Pages like Vegan Food UK will do this if you can find a new vegan product whilst you are out shopping.

You can send your food photos through the Instagram Direct Messaging service to a specific page or you can simply Tag the page in your posts.

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