IKEA to launch a new vegan ice cream and hot dog

IKEA to launch a soft vegan ice cream & hot dog

IKEA are expanding their plant-based food range even further.

IKEA to launch a new vegan ice cream and hot dog

IKEA are currently working on creating a 100% plant-based soft ice cream to add to their Bistro range.

What a marvellous IKEA

The giant Swedish-founded multi national company has a vision to create a better everyday life for many people, as part of this they want to inspire people to live a healthier and more sustainable life.

Gerry Dufresne, Range Manager at IKEA Food Services said: “We’re working closely with different suppliers to find the right taste and texture and are currently exploring three different alternatives, either based on oats, soy or fruits” 

IKEA plan have the new vegan-friendly ice cream ready for us by summer 2019, and a fruit-based version is currently being tested in Portugal.

Vegan ice creams aren’t the only thing that IKEA have up their sleeve, they have also been testing a plant-based hot dog in their large stores in Sweden. 

The veggie hot dog is made from kale, red lentils and carrots. The sausage will be served in a bun with a heap of red cabbage on top and crunchy fried onions & mustard.

Swedish customers have so far loved the vegan hot dog with 90% of them saying they would recommend others trying it.

Thankfully we don’t have as long to wait for the veggie-dog, as it’s planned to be launched in the IKEA Bistro this August.

Have you visited the new vegan section at Waitrose yet? And did you know that Greggs bakery will soon be offering a vegan savoury option on their summer menu?

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