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Introducing the UK’s first all-vegan fish & chip shop

 Matter Fast Food is based in Bristol and is the first all-vegan chippy in the UK offering a variety of familiar take away choices free from any animal products. Plus there are some perhaps unexpected items, such as homemade fermented vegetables. Matter Fast Food is a new food project by the wonderful Jon Luke Freeman, who is also the man behind Matter Wholefoods, probably the most ethical grocery shop in Bristol.

What’s on offer?
Crispy (yes you can hear the crunch) tofish; battered vegan sausages; chips (of course); falafels, unlike any we have seen before, made with lentils and crispy tempura vegetables. For those who don’t fancy deep fried food there are vegetable stir-fries, sweet and sour tofu or chilli tofu (all stir-fries are cooked in coconut oil). All the salads on offer, true to Jon’s principles, are based on the best organic seasonal leaves.
The condiments deserve an article of their own. The home fermented sauerkraut and kimchi are amazing (Linda sneakily ate most of it and Kim was kind enough not to say anything). If, like us, you believe that a good sauce makes a meal then Matter Fast Food is the place, there are many options, but we especially loved the tartare sauce and wish we could recreate it or buy a bucket of it.
More menu items will be added as time goes on, such mock fried chicken, more Chinese items and a larger selection of desserts. We were tempted by a slice of their raw cheesecake but we were far too stuffed at that point – looked good though.
Value for money
5/5 especially considering organically source ingredients are used.
5/5 Everything we tried was super tasty and we are already planning to go back.
5/5 With a smile! The opening night was extra busy we must say kudos to everybody for keeping their calm!!!
Philosophy behind the chippy
Jon is passionate about good quality food, you know he believes in his product and his enthusiasm is infectious. He told us this venture is more driven by
the idea of spreading the vegan movement rather than being in it to make money. He can see there is demand for vegan food (yes our numbers are rising) but the infrastructure is not keeping up with this demand. Therefore the birth of UK’s first all-vegan chippy is here to provide affordable, accessible, vegan food that will be loved by non vegans too. Jon has plans to appear at vegan festivals and venues in the future, and spread more of the love.

Linda’s verdict
I am really happy to have such an amazing option on my doorstep for the days when I just don’t fancy cooking. I am already addicted to the fermented veg! The tofu fish was a revelation as it is not a processed, fish-like product – just organic tofu with nori in a batter. I am looking forward to trying  more of the Chinese dishes on offer in the near future. I brought back food for my family to try and everybody, even my not-so adventurous daughter, loved it! We will back soon to try more items on the menu and so should you.

Kim’s verdict

Matter Fast Food was a fantastic experience. Not only was the food outstanding but the atmosphere was buzzing with positivity. This is my first ‘tofish’ experience and I have to say the standards have been set high: the batter was light and crispy, and the tofu was firm and full of flavour; combined with the creamy fresh tartar sauce it was just utterly delicious! I also absolutely loved the novelty of having a battered sausage, it was fun, tasty, and together with the classic chip-shop curry sauce, it was a real treat for the taste buds. Overall I would say the menu is an absolute winner and I am keen to return for more great tasting vegan food. The opening of Matter Fast Food is news to be celebrated. It’s fresh, original take on the classic British chippy is an exciting step for the growing vegan movement. If you’re in Bristol I heartily recommend a visit, you won’t be disappointed!

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