Kitbull Pixar animation

WATCH: the beautiful Pixar animation about an abused Pit Bull and a cat

Pixar have released an incredibly moving short film about an abused dog and a stray cat, in the unlikeliest of friendships. 

Have you got your tissues at the ready because this genius 9 minute animation will undoubtedly make you cry.

What the creators of Toy Story have done with this cartoon is highlight the atrocities that lots of animals face on a daily basis. Whether it’s a pit bull that is used for fighting, cats that are discarded on the streets or cows that are forcibly milked to death day in day out.

The message we took from this film is that animals are innocent, and while they are forced to do the most horrific of things, all they want is love.

Dog shelters in the UK are full of dogs, like the one in this movie, that have been used or bred for fighting and need a good home.

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