McDonald's may have some new vegan options

LEAKED: photos of McDonald’s potentially new vegan menu

Photos are currently circulating the internet of what could be McDonald’s’ new vegan options.

mcdonalds new vegan menu in the Uk
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The computer image pictured shows what potentially could be the new vegan options at the fast food giant. Vegan Food UK were alerted to this information yesterday by the guys at The Vegan Womble.

Within minutes of this news being published on the Vegan Food UK Instagram page, hundreds of people Liked and commented with divided opinion. Almost half of the comments were in favour of the new options and the rest were against it.

People against new vegan options at McDonald’s believe the fast food establishment is unethical and responsible for a lot of animal cruelty & pollution on the planet.

Other vegans believe that the more vegan food available means less animals being killed, so it has to be a good thing.

What could be in store at Maccas?

McDonald’s restaurants are far from the nation’s favourite place to buy vegan food, but they are also due some new additions to their current menu.

Pictured is a burger filled with red pesto veggie goujons, lettuce and a sandwich sauce in a sesame bun. The red pesto and the sandwich sauce are two ingredients that raise suspicion as to whether this will be a ‘vegan’ option, as they usually contain dairy.

The wrap consists of the same red pesto veggie goujons, but with a spicy relish and salad.

What’s already at McDonalds for vegans?

Should vegans choose to eat at McDonalds, they could eat the Veggie Deluxe Meal without mayonnaise and fries. The Spicy Vegetable Deluxe is also vegan without mayonnaise, as are the hash browns.

We recommend always checking the McDonald’s website for updated allegen information before eating there.

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