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Marks & Spencer now sell the stoneless avocado with edible skin

In case you thought this was some sort of April fools hoax, it’s not! It’s December and Marks & Spencer have just announced that they have taken the stone out of one of the UK’s favourite fruit, the avocado.

M&S Instagram avocado
M&S Instagram

Wait, it doesn’t stop there…not only have M&S removed the middle of our green fruit friend, but the skin is also edible. That’s right, you can now eat avocados in one go and they’re even cocktail size (5-8cm), perfect for parties. No prep, no scooping, no de-stoning, just chomp chomp nom.

Why did they do this to the avocado?

All this wizardry seems to have come about because of ‘avocado hand’, which is a term given to someone who, whilst trying to take the stone out of the avocado, sliced their hand open with a sharp knife. This situation was so dangerous that labels were stuck onto avocados warning people. The next step on from this was to remove the stone entirely.

Is M&S playing God?

One might think straight away of a mad scientist in a laboratory mixing potions to create this new enigmatic wonder, but the ‘how’ is more simple than that. The stoneless fruit is a result of blossom on the avocado tree not being pollinated. Bit boring, but actually quite a sort-after delicacy. So get your avocado hands on them quick before they sell out.

Tesco are another supermarket to have also announced a Christmas vegan surprise recently, find out what it is here


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