Marmite peanut butter

Marmite Peanut Butter has arrived in the UK

Marmite and peanut butter….are you mad? If this is what you are thinking then you obviously haven’t tried it.

Unilever are the company behind the jar which will be launching at Ocado on 25 March and being rolled out to other supermarkets in early April.

Thankfully the new spread will encompass all the B vitamins we get with Marmite as the jar will contain at least 10% yeast extract.

I remember the first time I had Marmite mixed with peanut butter, everything in me was saying it should be disgusting…but you know what, it was lovely! I’ve been eating it ever since.

Liam Day, Editor of Vegan Food UK

If you still think this is madness, first you have to actually like 1) Marmite, and 2) peanut butter. If you tick both these boxes then you will love it!

How to Make Marmite Vegan Cheese

Whilst you are here have you heard that Flora’s margarine spreads have also gone vegan?

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