Miami Burgers

New Game-Changing Vegan Chicken Burger Launches at Morrisons

Miami Burgers launch at Morrisons supermarket this week across the UK.

Louisiana Chicken Burger
Louisiana Chicken Burger

Coined as being ‘tasty burgers that are good for you’, the new frozen, plant-based patties come in three different flavours: Classic; True Veg and Louisian Chick’n.

All of the burgers are GMO-free, palm and coconut-oil free and are made up primarily of beans, grains and veggies. Two of the burgers are soya-based and the chick’n is wheat based protein.

Classic Miami Burger
Classic Miami Burger

Furthermore, Miami Burger also pride themselves as having 100% plastic-free packaging.

Our Review

The Vegan Food UK Team were fortunate enough to be able to do an advanced taste-test of the burgers, before they reached the supermarkets. Below is a brief synopsis and video of what we thought.

Classic Burger – a thinner burger than, say a Beyond Burger, but equally as tasty. These burgers have a real fast food, diner taste to them. Lower in saturated fat than a lot of burgers out there, we were amazed that taste wasn’t compromised in the process.

True Veg Burger
True Veg Burger

True Veg – firstly it was nice to see more of a wholefood type burger in the range. These days most companies are going for the meaty burgers only, so this was a pleasant surprise. The burger held together very well despite it being rammed full of both root & green veg. The flavour was actually quite nice and you could taste the vegetables.

Louisian Chick’n Burger – we believe this maybe the burger that everyone will be talking about. It’s thicker than the rest and has a delicious breaded crust. We had it with some vegan mayo and it ticked all the right boxes. We were really pleased about the flavour, it definitely had that southern peppery kick to it.

The new Miami Burgers launch in the freezers of Morrisons from 8 July.

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