vegan mozzarella sticks

REVIEW: the new Vegan Mozzarella Sticks from Morrisons

The vegan cheese bomb dropped on the UK today when it was announced that Morrisons have launched vegan mozzarella cheese sticks!

vegan mozzarella sticks

No Moo-zarella Sticks are what they go by and come in packs of eight for £2.50.

Fortunately they are also gluten-free as well as being made with vegan coconut mozzarella cheese.

What did we think?

After putting them in the oven for ten minutes, we noticed that they weren’t quite melted enough. So we added a few more minutes on the clock. We then may have put them in for too long as the skins/crust split and the melted cheese spewed out.

vegan mozzarella sticks

The only time we have eaten such things in the past were in the pre-vegan days, possibly at a bar that had mozzarella poppers as a side or something. But what we do remember was what they looked and tasted like, and a split crust isn’t such a bad thing.

These cheese sticks are a huge step forward for vegan junk food in the UK.

A huge plus point is that the cheese melted, a part of us was deeply worried that it might not. The cheese was unlike mozzarella as we remember it, but it was a pretty good cheddar-y sort of taste.

After cooking the crust becomes a sort of pocket that has the melted cheese inside, which the cheese struggled to stick to. The crust was nice though and had a good flavour.

Overall we thought the price could be dropped a bit, but as a Friday night treat these do the job pretty well. What’s nice is that these cheese sticks are a huge step forward for vegan junk food in the UK. Morrison’s have proved that you can oven-bake their cheese and that it melts. Next we want stuffed crust pizzas please.

Watch our video review of the cheese sticks below

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