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M&S To Launch A Truck Load Of New Vegan Foods For Veganuary

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Marks & Spencer to launch some incredible foods for Veganuary

This is what’s coming, prepare yourselves.
Dropping in stores on 4th/5th January 👇

🍔 Vegan Salt “Beef” Pretzel Roll £3.50
“Delicious marinated wheat and vegetable protein, with sauerkraut, carrot and spring onion slaw, pickled dill cucumber, mustard dressing and coconut-based cheese all stacked up on a traditional pretzel roll”

🥐 No Beef Steak Bakes £3.30
“Watch out Greggs… rich and flavourful, succulent pea protein and mushrooms encased in a delicious crisp, fluffy pastry.
Just like the real deal and the perfect winter warmer.”

🐠 Melt in the Middle No Fish Cakes £3.50
“A soon to be family favourite made with rice protein for the perfect flaky texture. The no fish cake also boasts the must have deliciously creamy centre.”

🧀 Greek Style Cheese £2.75
“FIRST to market! 100% vegan coconut oil based, cubed feta alternative that tastes and crumbles like feta.”

🎂 Vegan Strawberry Cheesecake Wedges £4
“Made using a plant based cream made using lentil protein, mixed with a dairy free cream cheese to create that lovely creamy mouthfeel of a traditional New York style cheesecake on crunchy oat biscuit base.”

🍪 Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies (fresh at the bakery) 75p
“A soft, gooey vegan-friendly cookie packed with Belgian chocolate chips”

🧀 Mature Vegan Cheese Block £2.25

An EXCLUSIVE recipe to M&S, 100% vegan coconut oil-based block Cheddar alternative that tastes and melts like Cheddar”

🥛Plant Kitchen Oat Barista £1.85
“British oat based drink, enriched with calcium, iodine, vitamin D and vitamin B12. Perfect for hot drinks and barista style frothing.”

🍛Chickenless Tikka Masala £4
“Tender pieces of plant protein in a perfectly spiced authentic tikka sauce.”

🍝No Beef Meatballs £3.50
“Succulent soy protein – the perfect addition to all your favourite dishes, and Eat Well, so a healthy option too”

🌱Piri Piri No Chicken Pieces £2
“Made with wheat and pea protein, these look and taste JUST like chicken and are the perfect meat substitute for all your favourite recipes. Eat Well approved – meaning this is also a healthy and seriously tasty choice”

🍲Sweet & Sour No Chicken £3.50
“A vegan-friendly version of everyone’s favourite takeaway. Tender pieces of pea protein coated in crispy crumb, eggless fried rice with a sweet and sour sauce.”

🧡Chickenless Southern Fried Tenders £3.50
“PACKED with flavour, succulent pea protein pieces coated in a southern fried crumb – we honestly believe you won’t be able to taste the difference”

🍠Creamy Mash Potato £2.75
“Creamy and super smooth mashed potato – the ultimate side to any meal”

🍫🥛Chocolate Oat Milk £1.85
“Chocolate flavour British oat-based drink, enriched with calcium, iodine, vitamin D and vitamin B12”


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