New Research Shows That Britain is More Vegan Friendly Than Ever

New research from The Vegan Society shows some surprising results as to people’s attitude towards vegan food and veganism.

Every vegan in the UK now cannot deny that the times are definitely changing and veganism is growing at such a huge rate: we have more vegan food options, vegan menus, vegan festivals, etc. So it makes sense that The Vegan Society would conduct some research so we start seeing some data on this huge rise.

One thing the research definitely concludes is that Britain is now more vegan-friendly than ever before and half of the people surveyed said that they know someone who is vegan, which is fantastic. But without further ado, listed below is a summary of the results from the survey:

Summary of results 

  • More than half of UK adults are now adopting vegan buying behaviours
  • One in 5 (19 %) cut down on the amount of meat they buy and the same number check if their toiletries are tested on animals

people shopping

  • Around half (51%) said they welcomed the rise in vegan foods available in shops, cafes and restaurants
  • One in 8 (13 %) now choose meat or dairy free options from the menu when eating out


  • One in 10 (9%) saying they would like to see an even greater choice of vegan food options on offer
  • 26% said prisons, schools and hospitals should provide a vegan option by law


  • 9% think there should be tax on animal based products
  • A third said there should be better education in schools to teach about the impact of animal farming on the environment

kids learning

  • Half of those surveyed said they know someone who is vegan
  • A fifth said they would consider becoming vegan themselves

We think you will agree that the survey has some fantastic and promising results. However, the research also shows that 46% of the people said they would never think about becoming vegan, even if they knew the benefits. This is shocking and just shows what the vegan movement is up against.

What are your reactions to this survey? Are you shocked by the results? What surprises you the most about them? Please leave a comment below.

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