New Vegan Doughnut Delivery Service Launches in the UK

Now there is an online vegan supermarket that delivers fresh vegan doughnuts right to your door, anywhere in the UK.

Homer Simpson eating a doughnutEver dream of having delicious vegan cakes delivered to your door every week? If the answer is yes then your dreams may have just come true.


Do you ever watch over social media and see people eating amazing vegan cakes and just wish that you had access to them? Well your wish might just have been granted.


The Vegan Kind are an online vegan supermarket that has obviously seen the need that vegans have for doughnuts. Out of the goodness of their hearts they have set up one of the UK’s first vegan doughnut delivery services. Every Wednesday a selection of vegan doughnuts go on sale from the TVK site, doughnuts that would make Homer Simpson quiver. Vegan Food UK recently ordered a box and we were bowled over with what we received.

We can’t help feel there was a beach theme going on with our delivery. The Lemon Drizzle doughnut was drizzled with lemon; the Pina Colada took us back to the summer of ’99; the Salted Caramel was not too sea salty (that’s good right? It’s a doughnut after all); and the Mermaid was EPIC (it looked like the ocean itself and even came with a white chocolate shell). Not only are these doughnuts absolutely massive but they actually look animated. That’s right, cartoon doughnuts folks.

So how do you order these superb, cartoon style, vegan doughnuts? Here’s the important part: you have to be ready to order from the TVK site at 2.30pm on the dot on Wednesdays. They cost £2.50 per ring or 6 for £13.50. But be warned, they sell out very very quickly. Rumours are that TVK are going to start selling them on Mondays also to keep up with demand.

Vegan Food UK cannot recommend The Vegan Kind shop enough, they sell everything from food to cosmetics, all 100% vegan and cruelty-free. They even do surprise selection boxes to treat yourself with every month.


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