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Popular airline has just started offering vegan meals

For the first time ever an Australian airline is offering vegan meals purchased on a plane, making Jetstar the most vegan-friendly airline down under.

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What is the airline offering for vegans?

Jetstar is one of the most widely used airlines in Australia, offering cheap international and domestic flights, a bit like the UK’s EasyJet. Now they are offering not one, but two vegan meals onboard their flights. The meals include a Lentil & Tabbouleh Sumo Salad with Falafel and Mr Lee’s Noodles with Zen Garden Vegetables.

Jetstar airline

The Proggy Award

The two new plant-based meals are on the menu already for international travellers but domestic users will have to wait until February to get their first vegan meal onboard. Once again we have PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) to thank for aiding the Ozzy airline in their vegan journey. PETA have even offered the Proggy (for progress) Award to the Jetstar for their achievements.

What do vegans in Australia have to say?

“Oh my God, it will be wonderful! Especially when you can’t get vegan food at airports at either end of your flight.” (Alfie Cubley)

“What a great development, veganism really is going mainstream now!” (Elayne Mitchell, Sydney)

“Super amazing but I wish they would just call it food!” (Sophie Lee, Sydney)

“Thank you! Now that wasn’t so hard was it?” (Zoe Adams)

What do you eat when you are flying? Do you pre make vegan food? Please leave us some Comments. And let’s hope that EasyJet and Ryan Air are watching the progress of Jetstar intently so that us Brits can enjoy more vegan options on flights soon.

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