Is the new vegan Violife halloumi any good?

Violife has remained as one of the ‘safe’ vegan cheeses of the last few years; a reliable coconut based cheese that melts but doesn’t stink out the fridge. That is until now! We now have three new flavours to get our plant-based palates around, but are they any good?

Here is what the Vegan Food UK taste panel thought of Violife’s new vegan halloumi, blue and cranberry cheese. Enjoy!

Blue Cheese

Janine & Liam
“Not like blue cheese in texture but quite a bit in taste. I used to like blue cheese and really enjoyed this on crackers”
Road Shack Cafe
“Had never eaten blue cheese before anyway, so we found this taste quite horrible”
“It’s nice if you liked blue cheese before”
“Was literally like nothing I have ever tasted. It tasted off, but I guess that’s the point!”
“I wouldn’t have touched the dairy version before I became vegan and this one is so strong and over powering”

Cranberry After Dinner Cheese

Janine & Liam
“The flavour was incredible, the consistency again isn’t like the dairy version, but it may not be trying to be like that.”
Road Shack Cafe
“Not ever having dairy cheese before, this one was the nicest tasting and would definitely have again”
“I will buy this again. I even gave it to a non-vegan friend and he cleaned off the whole pack!”
“Of all the three new Violife cheeses, this is the one that I would repurchase. I love that it doesn’t have that awful strong smell or taste to it.”
“Wow! This is hands down the best packaged vegan cheese I have tried! Slightly tart with no pong – 10/10”

Medititerranean (Halloumi style)

Janine & Liam
“We ate this cheese melted on a burger and it was just lovely! Wouldn’t say it was like halloumi in texture, but looking forward to eating it again”

Road Shack Cafe
“Our second favourite cheese out of the three. It has no comparison to dairy halloumi but it cuts well, keeps its shape when griddled and has a mild cheesy tang. Packaging is also great and reseals well.”
“Kept its shape well and had a good flavour. I also ate it not cooked and it was lovely. Would give it 8/10”
“Amazing texture, was a bit too cheesy for me but overall tasty. Had a bit of a squeak to it but nothing too noticeable”
“Oh my God, there is a new love it in my life and it’s Violife Mediterranean cheese – so good!”

There you have it, three cheeses, three completely different flavours. The halloumi is by far the most exciting cheese to hit our shelves in a while, but if you are a fan of blue then you will probably not be disappointed. The real dark horse seems to be the cranberry cheese though, as it ticks so many boxes for people who have previously eaten non-dairy cheese and alternatively those who are completely new to it.

Tasting Panel

Cherie Catchpole Vegan Food UK Admin


Bobbie O’ Donnell Vegan Food UK Admin


Beth Carr Vegan Food UK Admin


Liam & Janine
Vegan Food UK Admin

Guest panel tasters:

Anne & Julie Owners of The Road Shack Cafe (vegan cafe based in East Sussex).

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Great article guys ?

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